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Shortages – if an order arrives without all items shown on the packing list, a notation must be made on the delivery receipt and customer service (1-800-232-2635) advised immediately.

Noticeable damage – upon receipt, check cartons carefully. Note on delivery receipt any damage or abnormality. Delivery receipts signed complete, without any noted discrepancies, will be the responsibility of the consignee and not BOSS Cleaning Equipment. Notify customer service (1-800-232-2635) regarding any problems. BOSS Cleaning Equipment is not responsible for product that has been reshipped from the original destination.

Concealed damage – any hidden damage must be reported to customer service (1-800-232-2635) within 15 days of receipt of shipment. Do not return product until you have notified a customer service representative and have been advised of a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number.

A Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number must be obtained from customer service (1-800-232-2635). Products must be unused and in their original cartons (excluding BOSS Cleaning Equipment parts). No discontinued or obsolete items will be accepted. For safety reasons, no returns can be accepted on HEPA items. Customer pays return freight charges and 15% restocking fee, except when return is due to freight damage. BOSS Cleaning Equipment reserves the right to refuse any return not in compliance with the above.

The majority of our products have literature [Link to Literature] available online.   Look for a schematic or parts breakdown of the machine.  Every BOSS Cleaning Equipment part is assigned a seven digit product code or "B" number.  Once you identify the "B" number, enter it in the search bar on the website home page and you will be directed to a page with a detail description of the part and pricing. 

Call Customer Service at 1-800-232-2635, a tracking number can be provided once your order has shipped.

Please call Customer Service at 1-800-232-2635.

All items that in are stock normally ship within 1-2 business days.  To get specific questions regarding a certain item or delivery time, please call Customer Service at 1-800-232-2635.

All orders are shipped FOB Tampa.

Administrative (Cont.)

Please call Customer Service at 1-800-232-2635 if you would like to inquire about a discount on large volume order. 

BOSS Cleaning Equipment Distributors receive discounted pricing and monthly product promotions.

Orders placed on line receive an immediate email confirmation and an Order ID number for reference. Distributors can also receive special promotions and free gifts with online ordering.
Yes we will drop ship, and without a drop ship charge.
Download and complete the application form, and return via fax (813-971-6090) or email ( to our Accounting Department attention Credit Department.
Shipping Information

Shipping Times:

BOSS Cleaning Equipment usually ships all products within 1 business day of order receipt unless otherwise noted on the product page. If an order is received prior to 1:00PM Eastern Time, it will likely ship the same day.

Products that will require extended delivery time include: 

  • Any common carrier freight item (products exceeding 125 lbs)
  • Special order or non-stocked items

Delivery Times: ALL Explanations assume order prior to 11:00AM Est. (Mon –Fri) and the item is in stock.

  • Standard Ground:        1-4 Days delivery from time of order
  • Express Saver:             3 Business Days from Order before 5:00PM (ex. Order Mon.- rec. Thurs.)
  • 2nd Day:                        Two business Days before 5:00PM (ex. Order Mon. - rec. Wed.)
  • Standard Overnight:    Next business day before 4:00PM
  • Priority Overnight:       Next business Day before 11:00AM
  • First Overnight:            Next Business Day before 9:00AM

Pullman-Holt is not responsible for delivery times by 3rd Party Vendors (i.e. UPS or Fed- Ex)

Delivery Locations:

Pullman-Holt will deliver products to all 50 States and Canada. If you would like products outside of the United States,  Pullman-Holt will deliver to any freight forwarder in the Continental U.S.

*Free Shipping promotions apply only to the US 48 contiguous

Floor Machines & Burnishers

Single Floor Machines operate at 175 rpm; Dual Speed Floor Machines operate at either 190 or 320rpm. Single Speed and Dual Speed Floor Machines will strip, scrub and polish. In addition, they can be used to shampoo carpets or bonnet cleaning, and additionally for various sub-floor preparation, i.e. grinding and sanding.

Burnishers operate over 1,000 rpm (1090, 1500, 2000 rpm). They produce a hi-gloss “wet look” polish. The high RPMs heat today’s modern high-solids floor finishes creating a flatter surface that will reflect more of the light with less diffusion.  Because the brush spins at a faster speed than a regular floor machine, you must secure/lock the "pads" to the brush.  This is done with a "pad lock device".  It consists of 2 parts; one part is secured to the underside of the brush. After placing the "pad" onto the brush, the other part of the pad lock goes through the hole in center of the pad and either clips onto/or screws into the part of the pad lock secured to the brush.  When you purchase a pad lock device, you will receive both parts.  I most cases only one of the parts of the device has broken. Burnishers are also "belt" driven.

The drive brush has trimmed nylon bristles designed to hold a floor pad to the floor. The pad driver functions similar to Velcro, plastic barbs are used to the secure pads to the driver block, which is attached to the floor machine’s base. Drive brushes are recognized for removing vibration and wobble. Some pad drivers allow the securing of the pad via a center locking device or nut. Caution: Do not use a drive brush without a pad, and do not store a floor machine with the drive brush attached.

The only time a pad driver is preferred over a drive brush, is with higher speed (RPM) machines, such as the 20” 1.5hp Dual Speed or Burnisher. (All drivers and/or brushes measure 2” smaller in diameter to the machine used on.)

This is called a pad lock device and comes in two pieces that thread into each other. Usually, only one of the pieces has broken. They are sold as a set and are plastic; however some older versions were constructed of metal.

This can be caused by a number of different reasons:

Check to make sure handle is set properly.  As the brush picks up speed it will drop to the floor.  Too much pressure on the handle will cause an excessive amp draw (more that 15amps).

If the pad drive/brush is out of alignment this will also create more amp draw and trip the breaker.  If the belt has recently been changed this may be the cause or the incorrect amount of tension in the belt.  You can adjust the belt tension by adjusting the placement of the motor on the chassis.

NEVER LEAVE the power cord hanging on the handle when starting the machine.  This will cause the breaker to trip.

If a circuit breaker trips, reset it and wait a couple of minutes before restarting the machine. When the breaker trips it is quite hot and needs to cool down. Excessive resetting and restarts without a cooling period will weaken the breaker and reduce its’ amp draw tolerance.

The key to ordering a brush is the block diameter relative to the machine size.  A brush is specified at 2" smaller than the machine.  To measure your machine, tip the machine back, expose the bottom of the chassis and measure the inside diameter.  Remember, most floor machines are listed by their cleaning path, and not the physical dimensions of the brush or chassis or deck.  This is because when you attach a brush to a machine, and when it's in the operating position, the weight of the machine causes the brush fibers to flair-out 2" or more in length.  Therefore, a machine advertised as a 18" or 20" cleaning path, should be equipped with a brush with a block that measures 16" or 18" respectively.  Just remember that the brush must fit entirely "within" the floor machine chassis. 

When ordering a brush from BOSS Cleaning Equipment, order the same size brush as your machine.  We have already sized the block correctly so it fits entirely within the chassis.  If you do not know the size of your BOSS Cleaning Equipment floor machine, measure the inside diameter of the chassis as explained above and add 2".  This is the size brush you want to order.

Refer to the page on the website 'floor machine brushes' for a detailed list of types of flooring specific brushes, which can be used on a variety of woods, laminates, and tiles used to cover floors. It is best to consult with distributors of those individual types of flooring on the proper cleaners, brushes and floor pads for maintaining them.
BOSS Cleaning Equipment offers 1 ½ hp Floor Machines (not less) to avoid potential limitations related to the variety of applications the floor machine may be required for. While some competitor’s offer models having less HP, BOSS Cleaning Equipment believes that may needlessly restrict that the applications in which the machine can be used.
Solution tanks are universal and will fit on any the BOSS Cleaning Equipment standard floor machine, excluding the stone care w/water feed and burnishers.
It is better to clean a tile floor with a scrub brush, the pads will not properly clean grout lines. BOSS Cleaning Equipment offers such an accessory.
AC Motor floor machines and burnishers:

Capacitors (ac motors only) should only be tested by a qualified technician. When replacing a capacitor it is best to get the actual reading off the capacitor itself for the "MFD" rating. Different motors have been used on the machines and not all motors use the same capacitor ratings. If the incorrect one is used it could damage the motor.

DC motor floor machines and burnishers

These motors do not have capacitors.  There is a rectifier in the motor that converts the AC current to DC current.  When this fails on a motor the machine will not start.

BOSS Cleaning Equipment DC motor burnishers and floor machines have a 'LED lamp' on the side of the motor.  When this is lit, check the motor brushes for wear.  Replacing the motor brushes will preserve the life of the motor.

Floor Machines & Burnishers (Cont.)

The key to ordering a pad driver is the block diameter relative to the machine size.  A pad driver is specified at 1" smaller than the machine.  To measure your machine, tip the machine back, expose the bottom of the chassis and measure the inside diameter.  Remember, most floor machines are listed by their cleaning path, and not the physical dimensions of the pad driver, chassis or deck.  

When ordering a pad driver from BOSS Cleaning Equipment, order the same size pad driver as your machine.  We have already sized the block of the pad driver correctly to account for the 1" difference so it fits entirely within the chassis.  If you do not know the size of your BOSS Cleaning Equipment floor machine, measure the inside diameter of the chassis as explained above and add 2".  This is the size pad driver you want to order.  You can order floor pads that are 1" to 2" larger than the pad driver and they will still work effectively with your floor machine.


BOSS equipment is warranted against defects in workmanship or materials for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase. In addition, the motor and/or gearbox on floor machines and burnishers are warranted for three (3) years.

Items excluded from warranty coverage, unless found and reported defective immediately upon removal from the original cartons and before being used by the original purchaser, include: power cords, floor brushes, vacuums and solution hoses, screen strainers, squeegee blades, belts, motor brushes and filter.